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- The figures in my paintings are rooted in the present, and yet I consider them both past forebearers and future ancestors. 

Sara Baur Harding  is a Swiss-American painter based in Los Angeles and graduated from The Art Center College of Design. Notably, she realized the first site specific installation at the Los Angeles Union Station and was supported by the National Endowment and Rockefeller Foundation. She also took part in one of the earliest women shows in NYC in the nineties along with Meret Oppenheim and Louise Bourgeois. She has also lived and worked in New York City, Milan and London. 

As the daughter of an anthropologist Baur Harding focuses on representations of people embodying important knowledge that is passed on and holds cultures together.  The repeated theme of coastlines can be seen as a borderline for transformation. Other transformational themes include connection to nature, technology, and ritual.

There is generally a sense of observing the observer. The imagery is less about social commentary than relating to the human spirit. Baur Harding choses palettes such as pinks and yellows to achieve a quality of luminescence.  And overlays drips as a way of stitching colors together spontaneously. She endeavors to have the light source appear to come from within the paintings, referencing both Turner’s seascapes and James Turrell’s skylights.

sara baur harding I cv




b. 1966. Bergen Norway

lives and works in Topanga, CA




1994 – 1995  Art Center College of Design, Masters Program
1986 – 1989 Art Center College of Design, BFA, with distinction
 Santa Barbara City College European Abroad Program
1984 - 1985   University of California, San Diego, Visual Arts


2018   Solo, ‘ In The Beginning There Was Only The Ocean’; Studio Show Topanga                                

2017   Group Show; Topanga Gallery Show prize awarded by Chris Burden                                                                  
2017   Solo “Gone Out Of Experience’, Studio Show,  Bergamot  Station, Santa Monica                            

2006   Solo show ‘Threads Branches and Other Interpolators’. Coldwell       Banker of  Topanga                                    
1995   Graduate Show, honoring Colin Gardner,; California State University,         Los Angeles                        
1995   Group show “The Big Night”, The Bradbury Building, Los Angeles,

1993   Women’s Group show, ‘Breaching Containment’, The Gallery Three Zero (including Louise             Bourgeois and Meret Oppenheim)

1989   Public site specific Installation ‘The Los Angeles Union Station          Project’ administered in part  by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation  and The National Endowment for the Arts through LACE                                             

1989   ‘The Green House Installation’. Pasadena Ca. Exterior slide projections of Manet’s  Ophelia on brick structure, flour, bowls of oil, plastic and drapery                                        



Verena Duecher-Baer, Zurich, Switzerland, FREAK SERIES(seven paintings); Karl Weber, Zurich, Switzerland, BRANCHES painting; Chris Baer, London, complete ASSEMBLAGE SERIES; Ursula Hodler New York/Switzerland, MOTHER & CHILD; Patricia & Thomas Von Ah, Zurich Switzerland, ZOMBIE PORTRAITS; Ann Marie & Scott Powers, Santa Barbara, Ca, BERBER RUG PAINTING; Susan Matus & Michael Irby, BERBER RUG painting, Topanga CA.; Nicole & Randall Einhorn, BERBER RUG painting, Topanga Ca.; Carry & Chopper Bernet ,Topanga Ca, BERBER RUG PAINTING; Anne Gabbert, Topanga, Ca. BERBER RUG PAINTING; Catherine Grasso, Topanga Ca., COUCH CULTURE PILLOW; Dale Franzen, Pacific Palisades Ca, BERBER RUG PAINTING, COLOR FIELD PAINTING; Prof. Manuel Carlos, PORTRAIT OF MANUEL, Watsonville, Ca.; Kasoum, PORTRAIT OF KASOUM,  Sri Aurobindo Ashram , Pondicherry India

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