As a painter, I love color as well as a painting’s potential to tell a story. My process is conceptually driven as I strive to find a compelling synthesis between painting’s formal qualities and the essence of a subject. I am not invested in one single way to approach my work, as I value experimentation and have often pursued other mediums and disciplines.

I live in the mountains adjacent to the pacific ocean and the diverse "ethnosphere" of Los Angeles.  As a daughter of an anthropologist I am interested in a wide scope of the human experience and my work often contains themes from the disparate parts of the world I am connected to.


"Never underestimate the potential of  loitering”

                                                               _Stephen Prina 1989

Berber Rug Paintings 
Recycled Sing Sing Costume
Couch Culture Pillows
Paintings with Threads  
Room Memory Collages 
Metro Zombie Portraits 
Zombie Repeat Portraits
Zombie photographs of painted portraits 
Floating Iris prints 
Dressed in Paprika Assemblage
Female Freak Paintings 
Los Angeles Union Station Film Installation