oil paintings and hand-made objects


I am interested in images of bodies in water that have urgency and agency in relationship to coastlines.  I was prompted by, my dad’s study of trade on the north coast of Papua New Guinea where the lines drawn by trade between islands and from Person to person, led me to think about the Omni presence of the horizon line and coastline and how they could become the organizing principal for compositions of paintings. And, how the coastline itself becomes a point of transformation through the continuum of exchange of goods, information and power. Our relationship to coastlines, when meaningful, carries a primal and ancient memory that is understood to be transformative.


My source material comes from a variety of resources including found photos of people from disparate parts of the world in a subsistent relationship or deep connection to the coast such as images of shipwrecked refugees, surfers and fishermen. Through painting I am interesting in discovering the timeless and transcendental nature of such human experiences.


For this body of work I am using predominately yellows and pinks for their inherent luminosity. The ground of the paintings on 4'x4' boards and 6’ plus canvases are generally prepared with thinly applied oil paint in numerous translucent layers. The fluid layers are applied like a stain with brushes, so that drips occur as do varying degrees of detail and texture that bleed through. I wish to explore and discover a new personal lexicon for painting that has an element of chance, explores luminescence through images that are distilled into their simplest form.