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I like to make portraits that are inspired by peoples stories so that each painting is autobiographical in it’s essence. In an era of mass produced images, painted portraits seem more critically significant then ever as they inherently reflect the historical times in which they are made and can uniquely contribute to one’s legacy.  I love the consultation part of the process as I am interested in making works that are tailored to the individual. So, if you are a little curious feel free to inquire.


Portrait of Kasoum in Pondicherry 2 1/2’ x 3’ oil paint on canvas

Portrait of Manuel Carlos  4’ x 4’ oil paint on wood panel

"You have captured my essence and spirit and it is truly a very remarkable painting. I especially love the flowers as a background that serve as a tribute to my love of gardens and the flowers I take such love in feeding, watering and growing and that bring me such personal joy and satisfaction. I recently learned that besides my mother, who is a Felix (last name)  who taught me to love gardens, all her Felix ancestors, cousins, and uncles,  in Mexico also nourished gardens and were known for their rose gardens"

 -Professor Emeritus, UCSB; Political anthropology; Latin America

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