carmen |  short film (2015)

A short film featuring Mohiniyattam dancer Vijyalakshmi and actors Michael Irby & Susan Matus;
Directed by Sara Baur Harding & Urs Baur; Cinematography Joost Van Starrenburg; Original music composed by Yuval Ron, featuring opera singer Peabody Southwell and Flamenco singer
Jesus Montoya; Shot on location and Made possible by the generous support of the Metabolic Studio in Los Angeles.

Feature Documentary


CARMEN is the ultimate femme fatal, an identity from which she can not escape. Her exceptional beauty and status as an outsider brings about a fate that is karmic. CARMEN is transformed through the graceful, classical Indian dance Mohiniyattam, otherwise known as the dance of the enchantress.

beyond grace | feature documentary (2013)

rain | a stage performance 

Performed  by Vijayalakshmi and  presented by

The Institute of Mohiniyattm

  A unique theater dance production inspired by Sudeep Sen's critically acclaimed poetry; and original music which includes Carnatic, Dhrupad, Rabindra Sangeet and World Music, all arranged by Emmy and Grammy nominated composer Mac Quayle. Script was co-written by Choreographer and dancer Vijayalakshmi and Sara Baur Harding. Films and art direction by Sara Baur Harding


 Collaborative projects are the most magical creatively.  

It is very rare to meet someone who loves to think about similar things but has a whole different dimension to offer. Vijayalakshmi and I continue to inspire each other and work together where ever we can. Together we have worked with Mac Quayle and Yuval Ron in order to create highly unique music.


a short film featuring Vijayalakshmi  & music by Yuval Ron

Beyond Grace

Trailer for a doc featuring Vijaylakshmi 

original score by  Mac Quayle


a stage performance featuring Vijayalakshmi & music by Mac Quayle

Shortn'n Bread

Impressions of a Morroccan bakery accomapnied by Ofra Dell singing Shontn'n Bread

A short experimental film

Fakarouni "I will remember you"

A short film journal reflecting the rythms of musicians and dancers we came across while traveling in Morocco

an experimental short film

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